Jason Arkles, sculptor

Monuments: In Progress: Debbie Kornegay Memorial

Debbie Kornegay Memorial


A memorial fountain in bronze and terra cotta to commemorate the life and works of Debbie Kornegay

(The monument is being funded through charitable contributions. If you wish to give to this work in Debbie's memory, please contact Jim Curtis at jcurtis@braswell-library.org.)

The Debbie Kornegay Memorial is now underway. This terracotta and bronze fountain will be sited inside the Rocky Mount Arts Center at the Imperial Center in Rocky Mount, NC. The monument will honor the life and work of Debbie Kornegay who died tragically last year.

The general concept of this memorial is a fountain, with a small scale bronze figure as a centerpiece, standing in the upper basin. Through contact with the family and friends of Debbie, I've learned that among other things, she was a woman well known for her service to others, a person who worked hard for a better future for those whose lives are less fortunate. I thought a fitting tribute might come in the form of a wishing well. Apart from its symbolic function as a symbol of hope ( a wish being the 'civic' version of prayer), it could have a very real charitable function, one that I would like to think Debbie would approve of. The coins tossed into the basin will be periodically gathered and donated to local charities once supported by Debbie's work.

The themes running though the work deal with charitable acts and nurturing. A bronze allegorical figure of Charity stands atop the fountain, gently pouring water onto a small potted plant in her hand. The falling water is echoed in the cascade of water from the upper basin into the lower one, and floral motifs are found throughout the terra cotta basin. In addition, the fountain will be adorned with living plants and flowers, their pots sculpted right into the fountain. An inscription dedicating the work to Debbie will be mounted on the front.

The siting of the fountain in the Arts Center is a large alcove, currently the location of an antique piano and reed organ. The site plan shows how the monument is triangular in shape, fitting into the corner of the alcove, to allow for foot traffic through the alcove as well as the widest possible viewing angle of the fountain.

The images above and below show the future site of the memorial, as well as the initial designs. If you are interested in the progress of this fountain, check back to view updated images about every month or so.

The proposed location of the fountain.